Location : Bhusari Colony, Kothrud, Pune - 38
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Raja Shree Shivraya Pratishthan's NEW INDIA SCHOOL Bhusari Colony, Affilated to S.S.C.Board, Pune



The overall area of the school comprises of 3 lakh sq.ft out of which 35588.19 sq.ft. land is utilised for building. In all there are 67 classrooms approximately measuring 700 sq. ft area each.

Class Rooms

There are 8 K.G. classrooms, 35 classrooms for primary section and 24 classrooms for high school and higher secondary section. All the classrooms are big, spacious enough to accommodate approximately 50 students, airy and well lit. They are equipped with Educomp technology along with projector and smart board to facilitate digital learning for the students.

All the classrooms have cup-boards for teachers, racks to keep tiffin bags for the students. Our students, teachers and non-teaching staff always take care to keep the classrooms neat and tidy

Computer Lab

The school has well equipped Computer Labs, separate for std. V-X and the Higher Secondary Section. All laboratories can accommodate around 50 students at a time. Appropriate safety measures are taken while using the lab. The lab is spacious, airy and well lit. The computer lab is equipped with LCD projector and internet for the students to gather data for their projects and other activities.

Science Lab

The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, separate labs for std. V-X and the Higher Secondary Section. All laboratories can accommodate around 50 students at a time. Appropriate safety measures are taken while using the lab. The lab is spacious, airy and well lit.


New India School, Library provides academic resources for students, faculty, administrative staff. The library strives to make resources readily accessible whenever they are needed to enhance and promote the development of the students.

New India School has a well stocked library, providing knowledge and information. The library has over 8,000 general reading books, text books, story books,CD, charts and maps. The reference section of the library has collection of encyclopedias, handbooks, year books on different subjects e.g. General Knowledge, Sports, Science and technology, history, geography, travels, astronomy-astrophysics and languages etc.

Solar Power Generator

Recognizing the need to harness the renewable resources, especially the high solar radiation & to tap its power generation potential, we have installed a rooftop Grid Connected Solar PV system which generates 30 KV of electricity. We are the first educational institution to utilize this solar power generated for the entire school building, thus saving on electricity consumption to a great extent.

Play Ground

The overall area of school play ground is 87120 sq.ft. It is well equipped and well maintained. The school ground has 2 basketball courts, a big skating rink, a volley ball court and 6 big halls for indoor activities.

There is a separate mud court where sports like Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and Langdi are played. The mud court has been constructed in such a way that it gets dried very quickly.

New India School also houses one of the biggest skating rinks in Pune.


The school has a well ventilated spacious 6350 sq. ft. dining facility on the 6th floor where 550 students can be seated at one time. This is used by students for eating their tiffin during the lunch break.

Sindhutai Bandal Hall

This is a big 2500 sq ft hall on the school play ground, which can accommodate around 300 students at a time. This well maintained hall is utilised for conducting various competitions and events of the school.

Muktai Hall

Muktai hall is the main hall where major events of the school take place. Regular school assembly / prayer are also conducted here.

The Muktai hall has a lovely ambience with a seating capacity of 500 people, facilities for audio visual projector, good quality Sound system and LED television . It is huge with 5500 sq. ft. area, well lit and airy.

Dining Hall

New India School is probably the first school to have a spacious well ventilated and well equipped dining hall,meant for students to have their tiffins which they bring from home. Situated on the sixth floor of the impressive school building, covering an area of 6350 sq. ft. and a corridor as large as 1840 sq. ft. the dining hall incorporates all modern amenities to cater to the needs of the students. With a seating capacity of about 670 students it serves as a clean, hygienic and an ideal place to eat for students during the recess. The state of the art facilities include stainless steel benches meant especially for ease of cleanliness and maintenance; washbasins with 36 tapswhich facilitate considerable number of students to wash and rinse at one time & also water coolers with purifiers to ensure safe & clean drinking water.
The dining hall is truly and literally a feather in the cap of NIS which believes in always giving the best to its students.

Student Utility Store

The New India SchoolStudent Utility Store is yet another facility / service provided for the benefit of students band parents. On repeated requests and demand of the parents, the school has set up the `Student Utility Store' with an aim to provide all the necessary school supplies under one roof, thereby making it less time consuming, convenient and cost effective for parents. The store will be having all the textbooks prescribed by the school, assignment sheets, all notebooks and stationery items. The books will be available at a cheaper rate than the rates in the retail market.

This facility of the `Student Utility Store' will also provide a learning ground for the High School students, sowing the seeds of `Service Learning'. It will help them to develop their Entrepreneurship skills.


A Play Zone serves a dual purpose. Apart from enjoyment it is a great way to learn, self-explore, connect with peers and provides an opportunity for the overall development of the child.
The Playzone is well equipped with a variety of safe and child friendly toys.

Key Points :

  • Play Zone is the key to children's learning, develop confidence and well-being.
  • Variety in play is important because it helps with all areas of children's' development.
  • Develops social skill, language and communicationskills.
  • Inculcates caring for others and the environment.
  • Develops physicalskills.
New India Secondary and Higher Secondary School